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Best Spyware Apps for Cheaters — Get the Evidence Now

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Why would you want to spy on your partner? Relationships are built on trust, but that begins to erode when the partner’s faithfulness comes into question. You may choose to ignore the gut feeling that your partner is cheating. On the other hand, you can decide to find out if your suspicions are anywhere near the truth. To do that, you need to keep tabs on everything your partner is up to, from calls, text messages, social media chats to location.

So, what’s the best way to catch a cheating partner? You can choose to hire a private investigator, but that’ll take too much from you. Another option is tracking them yourself. There’s no better way to do that than using a spy app for catching cheaters. These mobile applications allow you to monitor your partner’s activities from a remote location. You get to see who they’re talking to via call, SMS, and different IMs. 

“Also, you can keep track of their exact location at any point in time. Then comes the question: Which is the best app to find out if my husband is cheating? Let’s take a look at the best spy apps you can find.”

mSpy – Best Spy App to Bust a Cheater

Best Spyware Apps for Cheaters

mSpy is the best cheating spyware with lots of incredible features for remote monitoring. With mSpy, your partner’s phone activities become an open book. You get to see who they’re exchanging calls and SMS with and how often. mSpy is easy to install and stays hidden on the target device after that.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Unlike several other spy apps, mSpy works on rooted/unrooted and jailbroken/non-jailbroken smartphones. With its simple interface, anyone will find it easy to bust their cheating partner. mSpy has a trial version you can try out for free. Even after the purchase, there’s a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Why Is mSpy the Best App to Catch a Cheater?

There are many cheating spy apps out there, but mSpy ranks as the best for so many reasons:

  • Call and SMS Tracking: Using mSpy allows you to view your partner’s incoming and outgoing calls. The app also allows you to read their text messages, even after they’ve deleted them. Both call and SMS logs are accompanied by timestamps, giving you more detailed information on their calls and messages.
  • IMs and Social Media Monitoring: mSpy lets you see who your partner is talking with on different Instant Messengers like WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage, and Telegram. The app also allows you to keep track of their social media activity.
  • Accurate GPS Location Tracking: With mSpy, knowing where your partner is every minute becomes dauntless. The app uses the phone’s GPS to give information on the exact location, including map location, addresses, and coordinates.
  • Keylogger: mSpy features a keylogger that captures the words your partner types on the virtual keyboard. So, you can set up keywords and receive alerts when your spouse uses them in their chats. With keystroke recording, you get to see all IDs and passwords the target enters on the phone.
  • Real-Time Updates: mSpy provides real-time updates of data from the target devices. These updates come at regular intervals, ensuring you don’t miss any information. You can set intervals of 24 hours or even five minutes – it all depends on you. 

Spy on Your Wife’s or Husband’s Phone in Stealth Mode

mSpy works entirely in the background of the phone after installation. Your partner is never going to find out you’re tracking them with spyware. The app icon doesn’t show on the phone but keeps collecting and sending data to your Control Panel. That makes it easy to catch a cheating partner without them knowing.   

Getting Started: How to Use mSpy?

You need physical access to install mSpy on any device. However, you can spy on non-jailbroken iOS devices via the iCloud details. On the other hand, if the iOS device is jailbroken, you’ll need some minutes to install the app. The following steps will get you started with mSpy:

Step 1. Register and Buy a Subscription Package

Register an account and buy a subscription plan. You have the Basic plan, which is only available on a monthly subscription, and the Premium plan available on monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription.

Step 2. Download and Install the App

After buying a plan, mSpy will send you a mail containing your login credentials and installation instructions. Log in to the Control Panel, and follow the installation guide to download and install the app. 

Step 3. Start Tracking

mSpy gets down to the business of spying immediately after installation. Log in to your Control Panel to view the extracted data.


Best Spyware Apps for Cheaters

SpyBubble is another powerful spyware for cheaters. It works well on Android, Windows, and Mac, allowing you to monitor your partner remotely. After installation, the app works in stealth mode, meaning the device owner will never discover it. SpyBubble not only keeps track of call logs but also records phone calls. 

You can also read your partner’s SMS and IMs messages right on your phone or PC browser. The app also automatically takes screenshots, which you can view later. Other features include keylogger, browsing history, email, and media file access.

Why SpyBubble Is a Good App for Catching Cheaters?

SpyBubble erases the need to be near the target device to monitor it. The app sends data of the phone’s activities straight to your account. You can log in at any time from any location to view the information. The account is accessible on any mobile or web browser. 

An information update happens every five minutes. So, you get to see your partner’s activities as they happen. The app is easy to install and takes just a couple of minutes. The downside of SpyBubble is its unavailability for iOS devices. 

Mobile Spy

Best Spyware Apps for Cheaters

Mobile Spy ranks as one of the best spyware for catching a cheating husband or wife. The app is compatible with only Android phones and devices, with the iOS version discontinued. Like other spy apps on the list, Mobile Spy lets you view your partner’s location as often as possible. You can also read their full text messages, see their WhatsApp chats, view their call logs, and monitor their browsing activities.  

Subscribing to a Premium plan lets you enjoy the live Control Panel. The result is instant monitoring, which includes viewing the real-time location of your spouse on a map. In addition to that, you can also see the phone screen every second.


Best Spyware Apps for Cheaters

The Spyzie spy app is an advanced monitoring solution for Android and iPhone. Although it’s used predominantly by parents to control their kids’ activities, it makes for great use in busting a cheating partner. With Spyzie, you don’t need to root or jailbreak the target device. It tracks everything you’d want to know about your partner: calls, messages, location, social media apps, Instant Messengers, and browser history. 

With Spyzie, you enjoy faster phone data syncing with your web account. In just three simple steps, the app will be up and running. However, note that its website is under maintenance, and it is worth opting for another working solution.


Best Spyware Apps for Cheaters

The last spyware we’ll consider is Spyic, a reliable monitoring app. Spyic excels in delivering accurate real-time location using GPS, Wi-Fi, and even the device SIM Card. The location tracker shows you timestamps of the places visited and the exact coordinates. Other helpful features of the spy app include call and SMS tracker, WhatsApp Spying, Viber Spying, Instagram Spying, and geofence alert.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse Using a Cell Phone?

Cell phone data shows you the activities your spouse is up to. Installing a cell phone spy on your partner’s device will allow you to monitor these activities. That way, you can lay your hands on the evidence of their infidelity.

  • Track Cheating Spouse Location

One of the signs of a cheating partner is staying out late with the excuse of work. With a spy app, you can tell exactly where your spouse is. View the real-time location on a map, including the exact address and location. That way, you can tell if your spouse is lying to you or not.

  • Monitor Calls and Messages

Who is your partner always calling and texting? Spy apps show you the call log of your spouse and allow you to read the SMS on their phones. Right from your phone or computer, you can see all the calls and SMS that come in and go out of the phone. Some apps even record phone calls and retain SMS long after your partner deletes them.

  • View Your Partner Chats and Social Media Activities

Social media apps and Instant Messengers have become breeding grounds for infidelity. Many spyware apps expose your spouse’s chats on WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and iMessage. They open doors to their social media accounts, such as Instagram and Facebook.

How to Catch a Cheater on Android?

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, a look through their Android phone can help. You can search for hidden apps, text messages, photos, and even enable Google Location Sharing. 

If you feel your partner has hidden an app from you, go to Settings > App. There you’ll find all the apps installed on the phone. If there’s an app on the list not appearing at the app menu, search for the name on the phone’s Google App. The app will appear, and then tap to launch it.

To keep track of your partner’s location, launch the Google + app on the target phone. Go to Settings > Location Sharing > Choose People to Share With. Then select your Google Account from the list that appears. However, the most reliable way to bust a cheater on Android is by using a third-party app. A spy app like mSpy gives you remote access to your partner’s phone. It tracks the cell phone location and sends every data to your secure Control Panel.

How to Catch a Cheater on iPhone?

You can sync the target’s iPhone with yours to monitor their activities. To do that, you’ll need the person’s Apple ID and password. Go to Settings on your iPhone and select the information you want to sync. Then enter the Apple ID and Password of the target iPhone, and you’re good to go.

However, the most reliable way to bust a cheater is using a cheaters spy app like mSpy. mSpy is one Android and iPhone spy app that collects all information – including calls, messages, and location – about the target device and sends it to your Control Panel.

How to Catch a Cheating Spouse?

Trying to catch a cheating spouse with reckless means could cost you the relationship before you even begin. So, it’s crucial you do everything quietly and stealthily. The most convenient and affordable way to go about this is mobile phone tracking.

Although it’s illegal to spy on an adult without their consent, this risk is worth considering. Mobile phone trackers will help you keep tabs on every phone activity and location. It won’t take you long to discover whether they are cheating or not.

5 Online Tips to Catch a Cheater

  • Use a Google Location Sharing or spy cheaters app like mSpy to track their location.
  • Check their incoming and outgoing calls for any recurrent numbers.
  • Monitor their social media activity.
  • Use a spy app to read their text messages.
  • Take a look at their browsing history.


How to Install Spyware on a Cheating Spouse’s Phone without the Phone Being in My Possession and Without Them Knowing?

To install spyware on Android phones, you’ll need a couple of minutes with the phone. That’s because you need to download the app directly to the device and install it properly. The app automatically hides its icon, and your spouse will never know. For jailbroken iPhones and iPads, you’ll also need physical access. The only exceptions are non-jailbroken iOS devices that require Apple ID and password for installation.

What Are the Spy Apps You Can Download to Your Phone to Get into Your Boyfriend’s Phone to See If He’s Cheating Without Him Knowing?

To track your boyfriend’s phone, you’ll have to install a spy app on his phone. Spy apps usually work in the background, meaning he won’t know you’re spying on him. mSpy is a completely dependable app that lets you see into your boyfriend’s phone stealthily. Other helpful apps include Mobile Spy, Spyic, and Spyzie.

Is There Cheating Spyware Available for Free to Download?

Many spy apps have a trial version you can download and use for some days. Such versions expire after a couple of days, after which you’ll have to purchase a plan.

Which Is the Best Spyware for My Cheating Partner Without Having to Touch His Phone?

mSpy is the best spyware for busting a cheating partner. Its stealth mode allows you to monitor your partner without touching his phone. You’ll only need physical access (usually within 15 minutes) to download the app to the device. After then, your Control Panel is the only place to visit to look into your partner’s phone. The good thing is, you can do that on any browser, from anywhere.

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